What To Bring

The task of packing can cause a fair amount of stress.


If you love water adventures as much as we do let us help you pack for your ultimate trips.


Below is a list of selective items that  Capt. Dermin selected and recommend for your adventure trip.

What to Bring
Fly Fishing Anglers

Fly Fishing Anglers

  1. Biodegradable sunscreen 

  2. High SPF Lip Balm

  3. Long Sleeve Shirt ( Performance Wear or Breathables preferred) 

  4. Hats 

  5. Rash Guards

  6. Gears: Available for Rent 

  7. Line Cleaners

  8. Personal fly fishing equipment/gear

Enjoy and Explore Package ~ Snorkeling/ Lobster Hunting

  1. Biodegradable sunscreen 

  2. Mesh Bag

  3. Underwater Camera 

  4. Swimsuits & Cover up

  5. Rash Guard 

  6. Water Shoes

  7. Sunglasses 

  8. Hat and Hair Ties

  9. Go Pro

Enjoy and Explore Package

Don't Forget Your Trip Includes


Mask & Fins


Fishing Gear


Beach Towels


Ice & Ice Box





what's included





Boat & Fuel


Other Fishing Tackle

Spin Fishing

  • Yozuri Lures 

  • Top Water and Divers 

  • Hooks: Various sizes of mustard hooks 

  • Leaders: 50 lbs

  • Ugly Stick: 15- 30 lb

  • Stand up Rod 

  • Penn Reels: 15- 30 lb


  • Deep Divers, Squids & Yo Zuri Maruda

  • Hooks : Various sizes of mustard hooks 

  • Leaders: 20- 80 lbs 

  • Rods: Any type of trolling rods/ Reels are included

Bait Casting

  • Your own gears are preferred and encouraged

Fly Fishing Tackle

Your essentials for Fly Fishing in Belize includes, Flies, Rods, Reels, Leaders and Wading Boots.


Take a look at Capt. Dermin Shiver’s list of favorite tackle gears so you can pack only what you need for your fishing trip.

Permit Flies

  • Como Reef Crabs 

  • Cathy’s Fleeing Crab

  • Small Beaur Crab 

  • Manta Shrimp

All should be tied on #4 hook with Minnie dumbbell eyes or hallow bead chain eyes with weed guard.

Tarpon Flies

  • Clouser Minnow ( Chartreuse and white) 1-0 Hook preferably 

  • Gummy Minnow with Silver side and gray back 1-0 hook preferably 

Bonefish Flies

  • Crazy Charlie : Various colors

  • Minnie Clouser: Various color 

  • Mixer of hallow bead chain eyes and Minnie lead eyes tied on #6 hooks

Tarpon Rods

10- 12 WT rod with intermediate sink WF Fly Line with extra spool WF Full Floating

Bonefish Rods

7-8 WT rod with WF Floating Line.

Permit Rods

  • The 8 weight rods are used for little or no wind and the 9 weight rods for hard wind. The choice of rod length is very important. 9 foot rods are optimum. More lines can be picked up off the water with the longer rods with less surface disturbance. Also, for the vast majority of the fly anglers, greater distance can be covered with less effort using the longer fly rods. 

  • Rods includes - 8 to 10 weight / 9-12 feet length

Rod Weight

  • Permit – 8 to 10 WT with WF Floating Line 

  • Tarpon: 10- 12 WT rod with intermediate sink WF Fly Line with extra spool, WF Full floating

  • Bonefish: 7-8 WT rod with WF floating line


Permits: 16 Pound test taper leader or spools of the same sizes to make leaders, disappearing Pink Flora 


Tarpons: 60 pound test, disappearing Pink Flora 

Bonefish: 8 to 12 pound test taper leader or spools of the same sizes to make leaders, disappearing Pink Flora