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Capt. Dermin Shivers leads the Capt. Dermin Shivers crew in its commitment to quality service. Dermin’s accomplished catch history and standard are maintained on every trip. Whether you are a veteran offshore angler or a first timer to fishing, the crew of Capt. Dermin Shivers has the expertise and, most importantly, the positive attitude to insure that your fishing charter will be the best possible. If you’re looking for a good time catching fish, you will find it here!

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We are tourism Gold Standard Certified.

Miss Sangria Tour Boat

Placencia's Finest Fishing Experience

We do believe that Capt. Dermin Shivers will change the way you consider fishing, adding fun, passion and lots of adrenaline! Our goal is to make it happen!


Our island and sports fishing adventures are all- encompassing. Step outside and explore something different - because that’s why you're here for and recharge those metaphorical batteries. If non- stop action is your idea of a perfect day, we’re more than happy to accommodate you with all sorts of activities.

If non- stop action is your idea of perfect day, we’re more than happy to accommodate you with all sorts of activities.  

Let’s go Deep Sea for the massive Wahoo’s, Marlin’s, Dorado’s or just switch it up a notch and go out for that Grand Slam on hundreds of square miles of exquisite fishing grounds ( better known as The Permit Capital of the World).


We also enjoy our family and group adventure tours. We snorkel at the world’s famous UNESCO, World Heritage Park Reefs. These include Laughing Bird Caye, the Silk Cayes ( also known as Queen’s Caye) and Mojo Caye - my favorite private island.


As our guest imagine snorkeling on top of the biggest barrier reef in the world, gazing down on many luminous tropical fish. Picture yourself dazzled, floating on crystal blue turquoise waters. Imagine yourself free diving for lobsters and conch ( if in season). Hook and let's cook them for a fresh island bbq at Mojo Caye.


Other adventures include Island Hopping before heading back to mainland. Either way being on the waters with Capt. Dermin and his crew will be an unforgettable experience. Bring your children, bring your friends, bring your students, bring your family, bring yourself! Our dynamic tour will be one to remember.  

Fishing Charters

placencia fly fishing charters

Fly Fishing

Spot flurry of glittering permits from your 24ft flats boat and you know its ACTION TIME!

Fly Fishing with Capt. Dermin Shivers will be an extra-ordinary experience. Dermin’s knowledge of the waters is fascinating and can lead you to achieve every angler’s ultimate dream – A GRAND SLAM of Permit, Tarpon and Permit in one day!

placencia inner reef fishing charters

Inner Reef Fishing

We offer a fully customized inner reef fishing experience from Placencia.

You can choose from what type of imported liquor you want, to choosing to have us prepare fillet fish for you to take and cook on your own.

placencia deep sea fishing charters

Deep Sea Fishing

We offer a fully customized deep sea fishing experience from Placencia.

With your expert instructors and great gear on hand, this is your chance to try new things at your own pace.

placencia explore and enjoy charter

Explore & Enjoy

Bring your family, bring your school, come with your friends!

Take a deep breath and imagine a world of astonishing beauty. It’s time to drop your sail, secure your snorkeling gears, adjust your mask and slide into the water.


About Us

Vanessa and Dermin | Capt. Dermin Shivers Placencia
Dermin and Vanessa

Capt. Dermin Shivers proudly represents Placencia as an award-winning fisherman of the year for 2020.


We pride ourselves being a family owned local company in the heart of the Placencia Village. Capt. Dermin and Vanessa are dedicated customer centered professionals.


Together their personal experience creates a dynamic team. Dermin has mastered the southern flats for over 20+ years. He is an incredible knowledgeable, world class guide and fisherman.

Gift Shop

We have a fully stocked gift shop with all the fishing gear you will need.

So, if you don't want to carry too much luggage or you forget to pack one of your fishing gear, just stop by and check out our gift shop.

Located on the Placencia sidewalk in the Tipsy Strip, in the center of town. 

Capt. Dermin Shivers Gift Shop Placencia
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Memories For A Lifetime!!


been back to that beautiful country many times and contact Dermin EVERY SINGLE time. We wouldn’t use anyone else! This last trip was with 15 friends. Dermin took us out multiple times!! The lobster day and then to Moho Caye is my favorite. The lobster can’t get any fresher! My husband and a few others went fishing often. Dermin is experienced and knowledgeable. He just seems to KNOW where the fish are! He takes his job seriously but, he also makes it fun!! We always felt safe!! He has taken us snorkeling and to waterfalls, too. We are going again in a few weeks and have already booked multiple trips with Dermin. He and his wife, Vanessa have become very good friends!! Look him up if you are there! You won’t be disappointed. Top notch!!

Kelly Lynmay | Tripadvisor.com

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